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Empty Heads
Empty Heads is my own developed DirectX 9 3D Engine.

Main Features:
* Abstract Scenegraph system
* Flexible Rendering pipeline
* Advanced Effect system(both scripts and Plugins)
* Maya Exporter
* Skeletal Animation
* Abstract API interface (currently only supporting DirectX9)

For more information about the engine, see the EH Engine page.  

Binary and source
Video1 (N/A at moment)
Video2 (N/A at moment)
Video3 (N/A at moment)

The Richmoore Incident - "The worst tragedies are real"
The Richmoore Incident (TRI) was developed on Playground Squad during a 9 week period. TRI is a psychology horror puzzel game, which takes place in a abandoned school. The player controls Charlene a student on the school. Where are the peoples? Who are THEY? Who is that shadow? These are the questions charlene has to answer. The player has to solve puzzel by traveling in three different time periods, and controll three different persons (Charlene, Benjamin and Sarah). Each puzzel has a time aspect to take in consideration before solving.

I developed the following part of the game:

* Scripting Language for gameplay control. This script controls almost all the gameplay, such as lights,obects,sounds,events,rooms and enemies.

* Tools for scripting and compiling script. These tools compiled the scripts from ascii to a binary format which was faster to interpret for the engine

* AI. This part is unfortunely not so widely spread in this demo.

* Scripting. Due to lack of time, i had to script parts of the game.


Binary and source
Full Video High(ca 322 Mb)
Full Video Low(ca 172 Mb)
Short Video(N/A at moment)
Short Video(N/A at moment)
Credits (N/A at moment)

Ghost Raider
Ghost Raider (GR) is a arcade shoot em up. GR was developed on Playground Squad during a 5 week period. The player takes control over the part human and part machine hovercraft, which has to defend the earth from the alien invasion. GR is a classic arcade shoot em up with several enemies and several weapons, and most important severals explosions.

I developed the following part of the game:

* Basic game logic. Such as World management, collision, input, rendering, animations.

* Scripting language. To this project I developed a simple scripting language in XML, which managed the enemies.

* AI. I also developed a simple AI to this game, which was controlled through the script.


Binary & source
Video High (180 Mb)
Video Low (N/A at moment)

BARTRAD is a in-house program developed on the swedish deparment of railroads (Banverket). BARTRAD is used in a daily work for developing new and maintaining over head contact lines. During the time 2004-2006 I developed a couple of modules for BARTRAD with Microsoft Foundation Classes(MFC) and Visual Studio 2003. One of these modules was used for calculating and simulating overhead contact line dynamics.  
No source and binary are available due to company policy